John O-bye Mikel?

When a squad is overhauled with technical brilliance in the midfield it is often the unattractive, more defensive player that loses out as the manager tries to squeeze as much creativity into the midriff.

This seems to be what is happening at Chelsea right now with ESPN reporting that Jon Obi Mikel will be making a switch to Turkish side Galatasaray.

Okay, maybe it is not just because of his position, as Mikel has come under some flack this season for his somewhat lacking performances and Rafa Benitez preferred Ramires and even David Luiz in the more defensive positions and it seems Jose Mourinho is not interested in giving him a chance.

Serie A hitman next at the Bridge?

There is no doubt who was star of the show as Napoli finished a commendable 2nd place finish in Serie A, just 6 points behind the winners Juventus.

Edinson Cavani scored 29 of the Azzuri’s 73 goals in Serie A last season and has once again become hot property around Europe’s elite clubs. The 26-year old has dramatically improved over the last year or two, and that could well lead to him pursuing a career away from Naples, and most likely in England.

Chelsea’s Player of the Season….. Number One!

Eden Hazard – 7.30

Ever since announcing he would become a Chelsea player on Twitter last summer, he has had a lot to live up to, and it seems he has, collecting Chelsea player of the season, with an impressive 7.30 average rating last season. 

He has many people’s choice to join us at the Bridge due to his flexibility across the midfield, playing comfortably in both the centre, and the left or right attacking midfield positions, though the large majority of them came from the left side of the trio this year.

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 2.

Juan Mata – 7.24

There is no doubt who our player of the season was last season. Juan Mata collected 6 goals and 13 assists from his Premier League season, as from then on, he has gone from strength to strength.

It was maybe harsh he didnt collect the award again statistically this season, but when you see the man that got it, you can understand why.

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 3.

David Luiz – 7.16

We’re back with the top three players of our season today, and at number three, it’s our bushy haired, long-range shooting wizard, David Luiz.

His transformation into a defensive midfielder was backed up with his incredible stats this season. Although only managed two goals this year, you can bank on that increasing if you see him reproduce the accuracy shown with that goal against Fulham, which we simply had to show as our video below.

Surely we can’t lose Luiz?

Jose Mourinho could be dealt a huge blow when he arrives as Chelsea boss as David Luiz has refused to rule out a move to the Spanish giants Barcelona, or so say the Daily Star. However, the Portuguese manager is set to hold a meeting with the defender to persuade him to stay in west London.

Imagine the loss of business to the barbers in London should Luiz leave the capital..

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 4.

4. Branislav Ivanovic – 7.08

Ivanovic may or may not be the highest defender in our list, you will just have to wait and see…

The Serbian managed 34 appearances in the Premier League this season, won us the Europa League final, and even survived being bitten by a Uruguayan.

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 5.

5. Ramires – 7.06

It showed how consistent our squad was this season, as no less than five players came extremely close to this 5th spot. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you who just yet, we will have to keep you guessing…

Ever since that vital goal against Barcelona in the Champions league Semi, Ramires has not been able to do much wrong in the eyes of Chelsea fans, and that’s is mostly because he does so much right.

Chelsea defender set for France?

When Branislav Ivanovic was first signed for Chelsea there wasn’t much fanfare around the Serbian he seemingly just slipped into Stamford Bridge for a £10 million pound transfer fee.

He didn’t play at all in his first season at the club because of a lack of match fitness it wasn’t until 8 months after signing that he made his first appearance at the club.