Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 3.

David Luiz – 7.16

We’re back with the top three players of our season today, and at number three, it’s our bushy haired, long-range shooting wizard, David Luiz.

His transformation into a defensive midfielder was backed up with his incredible stats this season. Although only managed two goals this year, you can bank on that increasing if you see him reproduce the accuracy shown with that goal against Fulham, which we simply had to show as our video below.

He managed 72 interceptions this season, an average of 2.4 a game, which nobody else got close to, showing his anticipation and pure eagerness to obtain the ball, which you can’t replace in the team.

His average rating was 7.01 from DC, while it was 7.51 from CM, and 7.7 from DM, illustrating how much better he is from that position for us.

Only Eden Hazard was fouled more this season than Luiz, and he managed 51 passes per game, only Mata and Mikel managed more.

Those of you who watched him against England for Brazil last night would also notice another great part of his game; the long ball. David’s ability to turn defence into attack with one pass is one that can change games, and with an average of 5.2 per game last season, he was well above everyone else, apart from Petr Cech, which is understandable!

There simply isn’t much that David Luiz can’t do, and that was highlighted most in his best game last season, which I chose as his game in the 2-0 victory over Swansea. Although he received a better average rating in the 8-0 thumping of Aston Villa, I feel the Swansea fixture was his best performance, an 8.76 rating that saw him get man of the match.

Despite not known for his prowess in the air, he completed an astonishing 9 aerial duels, while no-one else managed more than 2, and the whole team only 7 between them. He also led the team on Interceptions and clearances, as well as tackling, He attempted 9 long balls and completed 7 of them during the game too, and its obvious to see why he managed the M.O.M trophy too.

We may well see a central defender joining during the summer, so that we can properly utilize Luiz in that defensive midfield role. Whatever happens, I think he is now one of our most important players, and despite interest from Barcelona, we must do our best to keep the Brazilian.

Our attention now turns to the best two players this season for us. Who will they be, and who will claim the No.1 spot? Let us know your thoughts on David Luiz at Number three.

By Brad Smith


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