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As far as charities go, there is none that apply more to us than Kits4Causes. A charity that collects unwanted football kit from everyday fans such as ourselves, and distribute it to the poorest and most needing communities in the world.

As a football club that have seen a large majority of players from Africa walk through the doors at the Bridge, we can relate to the troubles and problems that many children face every day of their lives there.

Bringing children together, and spreading education about HIV/AIDS through the love of football, Kits4Causes send out your unwanted football shirts, shorts, socks, boots, and other equipment, that they would otherwise never have the chance to own. Who knows, they may well even help create the next Didier Drogba!

You can find out exactly how to donate at this link :- and every single donation is one that is gratefully received. Fill out a feedback form and they will let you know exactly where the kit goes and who has received it.

We know there are a large majority of readers that are actually based in Africa and around the world, and if you know any charities that require a large donation of kit, do let them know about us, and we will try and help anyone and everyone we can!

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Brad Smith

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