“We have to see”- Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino gives his honest take with VAR in danger of PL removal

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino talks about the future of VAR

Mauricio Pochettino has entered the fray of the ongoing VAR debate as Premier League clubs convene to vote on its future. Following Wolves’ decision to raise a vote on scrapping VAR in Premier League football from next season, the future of the technology in the English top tier is very uncertain.

Speaking to the BBC on VAR, here is what Chelsea boss Poch had to say:

“Next season we have to see if we can improve how we use VAR. For me it’s not in or out, it’s about improving how we use it. It can be amazing to have it in the right way and VAR can be a fantastic tool to help the referees and us.”

In Pochettino’s view, there exists ample room for improvement in how VAR is utilised. When applied effectively, VAR has the potential to be a game-changer, aiding referees in making accurate decisions and ensuring fairness on the pitch.

Nevertheless, VAR’s track record is far from perfect. Questionable decisions and contentious calls have left fans and players alike scratching their heads, casting doubt on its efficacy. This underscores the urgent need for reform.

Pochettino rightly remains optimistic about the technology’s potential, viewing it as a valuable tool that, if optimised correctly, could revolutionise the game. However, achieving this vision requires a concerted effort to enhance the expertise of those operating VAR.

As Premier League clubs convene to decide the fate of VAR, Pochettino’s perspective carries significant weight. Rather than dismissing it outright, he advocates for constructive reform. The focus should be on improving the quality of VAR implementation, not abandoning it altogether.

VAR faces an uncertain future in the Premier League.
VAR faces an uncertain future in the Premier League.

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So as the bigwigs in the Premier League pow-wow to decide what to do with VAR, let’s listen to Pochettino’s wisdom. Instead of giving it the boot, let’s focus on making it work better. After all, we all want to see fair footie.