Explained: Why Chelsea need Manchester United to lose FA Cup final to bolster European chances

Chelsea hopes Manchester City beat Manchester United in FA Cup to enable them to qualify for European competition

With the UEFA Conference and Europa League positions are still up for grabs, Chelsea will aim to win their last two games and hope that Newcastle United and Manchester United lose their respective matches.

According to Sky Sports, whichever side finishes fifth will qualify for the Europa League. Tottenham currently holds the position as they are sixth points adrift of Blues and Newcastle, while the Magpies are points equal with Chelsea in sixth place.

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s ambitions of reaching the Europa League have been dented as they are nine points behind Spurs, but they can still secure the European spot via the FA Cup as United will face Manchester City in the final, and a win will see them secure the place.

The Blues will have to finish sixth if they want to play in the Conference League next season. Chelsea are only below Newcastle on goal difference.

However, the Blues can still reach the Europa League if they manage to finish sixth and hope that United lose the FA Cup final to City. The winner of the FA Cup will get a direct place in the Europa League.

This means the sixth-placed side will reach the Conference League, and the seventh-placed team will miss out on the European competition. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the next two matches.

Chelsea join Barcelona in the race to sign Paulo Dybala.
Chelsea join Barcelona in the race to sign Paulo Dybala.

Even if United win and the Magpies lose their last two matches while Chelsea win their next games, they will climb to the sixth spot, meaning they will at least be guaranteed a European spot.

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So now it all depends on their performance because we cannot rely on the city to do their job. It will be a head-to-head game, and keeping expectations from other teams to do your work always results in disappointment. So the players will have to give their utmost in the last two matches and hope that Tyneside lose their next two games, allowing the Blues to climb to sixth.