Big-money Graham Potter signing hints that Chelsea fans should lower their ‘expectations’ to stay happy

Mykhaylo Mudryk urges Chelsea fans to lower their hopes from him next season

Chelsea star Mykhaylo Mudryk has already sent a message to his fans regarding his form and urged them to lower their expectations of him. Mudryk, who was signed under Graham Potter played his first full season as a Blues player this term and has scored seven goals across all competitions.

Mudryk has been in the limelight ever since making the high-profile transfer to Chelsea, and since then, there have been huge expectations for the 23-year-old. However, Mudryk has experienced his own variations in performance.

After a sluggish start to life in West London, the forward failed to score goals or produce an assist in 15 Premier League games the previous season. However, there have been some encouraging signals and this effort has been somewhat productive.

The Blues’ fans will be expecting that next season Mudryk will improve a lot, but recent comments from the former Shakhtar Donetsk forward have dented their hopes after a fan asked Mudryk on Monday and posted on Instagram: ‘Misha, what can we expect from you for next season?’

To which the Ukrainian replied, ‘Expectations are [what] kill our happiness.’’

This is a really insightful remark from Mudryk, and he is right when he says that having too many expectations somewhere will undoubtedly spoil everything. Now that he is 23 years old, supporters will be hopeful that, with his respectable stats and experience in a full Premier League season, he will make an impact on the match.

Mykhaylo Mudryk has netted seven goals this season.
Mykhaylo Mudryk has netted seven goals this season.

The Mudryk ceiling is massive, but the problem is that he hasn’t found a way to unlock it, and Mauricio Pochettino seems to have not been able to give some of his personal time to the 24-year-old. Mudryk needs to improve the technical aspect of his game if he wants to become the player Chelsea expected when they signed him.

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Hopefully next season we will see a different Mudryk where he can impress and live up to the price tag we spent on him to sign him. Otherwise, it will take him more time to explode onto the scene.