“We need to behave like Chelsea”- Mauricio Pochettino has clear message for young Blues squad who need to ‘improve quick’

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has a clear message for his squad that needs to improve quickly

In the wake of a disappointing draw against 10-man Burnley that saw Chelsea slip into 12th place in the Premier League standings, manager Mauricio Pochettino has issued a rallying cry to his young squad.

Despite the recent setbacks, Pochettino remains steadfast in his belief in the team’s potential and their ability to achieve greatness in the coming days. However, he highlighted the need for immediate improvement and a commitment to upholding the standards expected of a club of Chelsea’s stature. Here is what he told Football London ahead of the all-important clash against Manchester United:

“We are Chelsea, but we need to behave like Chelsea, we need to behave like we want to belong to a big club. We need to defend our badge and to play for our club and to perform. I try to describe after the game in my press conference our feelings and in the next few days, I started to realise. We talk about potentially amazing players, they are young and need to realise they need to improve so quick. The demand is so high from the Premier League and from the club.”

Poch delivered a clear message to his players. He stressed the importance of embodying the values and ethos of Chelsea Football Club, urging the squad to demonstrate the passion, determination, and resilience befitting of a top-tier club.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has a clear message for his squad that needs to improve quickly.
Mauricio Pochettino’s long-term future at Chelsea depends highly on the result against Manchester United.

Calls for immediate improvement!

Reflecting on the aftermath of the Burnley match where the players’ body language was far from ideal, Pochettino admitted to struggling with his emotions and the team’s performance. He acknowledged the potential within the squad but underscored the urgent need for improvement, especially given the relentless demands of the Premier League and the club’s lofty expectations.

Pochettino’s words serve as a wake-up call to Chelsea’s young stars, reminding them of the responsibility that comes with representing one of the most prestigious clubs in world football.

While the talent is undeniable, we need to make sure it counts for something in the short-term as well or else this will soon turn into an excuse, citing the long-term future of the club. What good is the long-term if a team is not able to pull a few strings against the second-lowest ranked side in the entire division?

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has a clear message for his squad that needs to improve quickly.
These are two of Chelsea’s best players in what has otherwise been a very forgettable first season under Mauricio Pochettino.

As Chelsea prepare to face Manchester United in a pivotal showdown, Pochettino’s message resonates with a sense of urgency and determination. The thought process is not very different in the other camp as well, given they are also undergoing a struggling phase. We can make the best use of the poor form of Erik ten Hag’s side, and hopefully, we do.

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As they prepare to face Manchester United, Pochettino’s words will resonate as a reminder of the responsibility and privilege of wearing the Chelsea badge. It’s time for the squad to heed his call, unite in purpose, and deliver the results that reflect Chelsea’s standing in world football.