Todd Boehly once again issues plea for patience after Chelsea fans ask for more transparency

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly asks for patience from fans amid ongoing on-field crisis

As the pressure grew on the Chelsea board to change the mood of the fans at the club, Blues owner Todd Boehly addressed the media this time and asked for more patience from the West Londoners faithful.

Since the arrival of new ownership, things haven’t looked pleasing, and the situation has gone downhill with poor results and fans signing the names of old owners and managers whenever the Blues lose a game.

The new ownership has spent heavily in the summer window, and their signing has centred around bringing the young players together as they build their ambitions around them. But the poor results continue to persist, and fans earlier asked for transparency from the board.

This isn’t the first time the Blues’ board spoke about the club’s project; they also did the same back then and once again spoke about their objective since taking over. This time, in an interview with Forbes, Boehly said via Standard Sport:

“The good news is that people care so much. And the bad news is that people care so much. That leads to times when they’re frustrated with the team and the owners. I get that, but we just have to continue to stay on course. We just need to let the process develop and give them the time to go from being unbelievable individual players with great skills to folding into a team.”

We have new owners, and it’s their first time taking charge of the football club, and so far they might have learned how things work in this sport. Boehly wants to create a different identity for the club, not like the old one when Roman Abramovich abruptly fired managers when results weren’t positive.

In modern football, clubs have adopted a new policy of giving managers time to allow them to implement their approach and build the club. Take Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City as prime examples of how their boards and fans backed their managers, allowing them time to build the club.

Mauricio Pochettino has been under fire at Chelsea after string of poor results.
Mauricio Pochettino has been under fire at Chelsea after a string of poor results.

He is aware that Chelsea supporters aren’t familiar with witnessing the team struggle; instead, they are accustomed to watching the team succeed despite obstacles. Although he knew Pochettino had experience grooming young players, he nonetheless made the appointment since a successful manager does not ensure success unless the squad fit their system. The pieces of the puzzle have to line up. The players have to fit the manager’s philosophy. The players need to be of the highest calibre. Mourinho and Antonio Conte were two successful managers of Tottenham, although their accomplishments were negligible.

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The most crucial thing in football is to know which manager will get the most out of your team. Who can maximise the performance of your team? That has the effect that it does. Even if the manager hasn’t won a title previously, it can still happen if the players are of a high calibre and fit within his system.