Some Chelsea players ‘make it clear’ to board that they want Mauricio Pochettino gone

Some Chelsea players open to the idea of Mauricio Pochettino leaving ahead of next season

Chelsea players seem to have already made their intentions clear for Mauricio Pochettino and his future at the club and are leaning towards his departure from the club. The Argentine manager was named the club’s coach before the start of the season but has failed to change the atmosphere at the club.

Now, as per HITC, via Express, the players are open to the possibility of the 52-year-old being replaced after the end of the campaign. Pochettino has now often become the victim of fans’ jeering after the game, and in a 2-2 draw with Burnley, the former Tottenham manager once again was whistled.

Chelsea had a massive chance to climb to ninth place in the Premier League in the match against relegation-threatened Burnley but failed to capitalise on the opportunity and had to share the spoils after the final whistle.

Is Mauricio Pochettino losing the backing of players at Chelsea?
Is Mauricio Pochettino losing the backing of players at Chelsea?

Now not only fans but players are fine with the Argentine manager removed from the job and are in favour of a new manager being sat in the Stamford Bridge dugout next season. Now the Blues will face a tricky foe when they host Manchester United midweek on Thursday night.

How should Pochettino make things right?

Players only grow frustrated when they don’t see results on the pitch, and that has been the case with us, but we have performed better, though our major problem lies in how easily we concede goals in matches, which we need to work on. When the players are faring poorly, Pochettino should opt to use them in a position where their deficiencies will not be exposed. Our defence is so poor. Why is he only interested in attacks?

In the early games of the season, he gave up control in areas where we appeared most at ease. However, he began to make lineup adjustments, which were reasonable given our increasing number of injuries and his lack of options during games.

First and foremost, we need to work on defence since it can win a 1-0 match. Prioritise your solidity before focusing on your attack. It is not good enough that we are about to have one of the poorest defensive records since the Premier League’s founding.

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The fact that “it isn’t on him because it is individual mistakes” is the worst thing. If players continue to make mistakes, you should switch to a system that reduces their weak spots and focuses on their strong areas. You alter your strategy to avoid acting out or taking too many chances.