Craig Burley says Chelsea were ‘decent’ for 90 minutes but slates them for shambolic Extra Time display

Craig Burley believes Chelsea did decent against Liverpool in normal time at Wembley

Craig Burley shared his opinion on Chelsea FC’s performance in their 0-1 defeat to Liverpool and feels the Blues were the better side until 90 minutes, and after that, it was all shambles.

It’s clear that Chelsea dominated the game against Liverpool, displaying determination and crafting goalscoring opportunities the match. Despite playing smooth football and creating numerous opportunities, the team was unlucky to have a goal ruled offside and failed to capitalize on other chances to secure a victory.

Unfortunately, the pattern of missed opportunities persisted, ultimately resulting in defeat. The lack of courage shown in extra time will always stand as a ‘what if’ moment should Pochettino be sent packing.

The game’s turning point came in the 118th minute when Konstantinos Tsimika’s corner found Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk, whose header secured the win for the Reds. Despite Chelsea’s dominance throughout the match, their inability to convert chances into goals proved costly. This sentiment was echoed by the former Chelsea player, who acknowledged the Blues’ superiority but lamented their lack of end product, expressing disappointment over the heartbreaking defeat.

It was a heartbreaking defeat for us because we dominated the game, and even the former Chelsea agreed that the Blues were a better side, but their non-existent end product cost them the match, and he further revealed on ESPN:

‘’We were in agreement that there isn’t too much to criticise about Chelsea until, in 90 minutes, they were pulled back because of their lack of finishing and end product, and after extra time, they were in full shambles.

Burley is spot-on.

It’s undeniable that our inefficiency in front of goal ultimately prevented us from clinching victory in the Carabao Cup final. In football, missed opportunities often lead to unfavourable outcomes, and unfortunately, this proved true for us when Van Dijk’s decisive goal dashed our hopes of securing our first trophy in two years. It’s crucial for us to acknowledge this reality and work on improving our finishing to avoid similar setbacks in the future.

Craig Burley believes Chelsea did decent against Liverpool in normal time at Wembley.
Chelsea needs to find a reliable striker next season.

The inability to convert clear-cut chances, as seen with Conor Gallagher and Raheem Sterling’s 1v1 opportunities, as well as Enzo Fernandez’s decision-making during a promising attack, undoubtedly has repercussions, especially in significant matches and tournaments.

Squandering such opportunities not only affects the outcome of individual games but also impacts the team’s confidence and momentum going forward. It’s essential for players to remain composed and clinical in front of goal to capitalize on these chances and maximize their team’s chances of success in crucial moments.

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Finding a reliable goal-scoring striker should indeed be a priority for us moving forward. The inability to consistently convert scoring opportunities has been a recurring issue, and addressing it is crucial for our team’s development and success. A potent No. 9 who can consistently find the back of the net will not only bolster our attacking prowess but also instil confidence throughout the squad. It’s essential to invest time and resources in scouting and acquiring a striker who can provide the goals needed to propel us to the next level.

The trip to Wembley on Sunday was a lesson. What we make of it remains to be seen.