The two ways Chelsea can still qualify for Europe after Carabao Cup final defeat vs Liverpool

Chelsea lost the chance to seal a place in the UEFA Conference League had they won Carabao Cup final

Had Chelsea won the Carabao Cup final, there would have been more than just winning the trophy. The winner of the League Cup would have allowed them to secure their place in the Europa Conference League as per

This means Chelsea have missed out on securing a European competition spot. However, they still have a chance to seal their spot in the Conference League. The Blues are currently 11th in the Premier League, just four points adrift of the seventh spot.

Securing the seventh spot is not out of reach; it now depends on their form. If they continue to win subsequent games, the top four also seems achievable. It’s now up to Mauricio Pochettino and his players to make it happen.

Will Chelsea secure a European spot?

Securing a European spot is the bare minimum, considering we are just five points behind the seventh spot. With consistent performances, we could even aim for fourth place. Now, Pochettino and the players will need to step up and perform as if there’s no tomorrow.

Additionally, we have the FA Cup, and winning it could also qualify us for the Europa League. However, the ultimate goal is the Champions League, and this season will be deemed successful if we can secure a spot without winning any domestic cups.

Chelsea lost the chance to seal a place in the UEFA Conference League had they won Carabao Cup final. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
Chelsea can make it into European Competition before the end of the season. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Our performance demonstrates that we are a vastly superior football team. However, our lack of finishing touch has significantly impacted our results, as evidenced by the numerous missed opportunities. It’s crucial for the players to step up now because if we persist with this level of play, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain our position among the top 10 teams.

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We aim to qualify for Europe this season, and upon achieving this goal, our next objective is to acquire a striker who can consistently score goals week in and week out. This striker will serve as the final piece missing from our puzzle.