Pundit urges Chelsea to avoid Victor Osimhen transfer as it will harm their 22-year-old star

Former Spurs star William Gallas says Osimhen to Chelsea deal could stunt Jackson’s growth at pivotal moment

Former Tottenham defender William Gallas believes Chelsea pursuing Napoli striker Victor Osimhen this January transfer window would be a mistake, as it could potentially harm the development of 22-year-old star Nicolas Jackson.

Jackson is coming off a dream hat-trick performance against Tottenham and appears eager to lead the Chelsea frontline. But Gallas argues bringing in a big-money signing like Osimhen right now may damage the youngster’s confidence and momentum.

William Gallas urges Chelsea to stick with Nicolas Jackson over signing Victor Oshimhen.( (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for Premier League)
William Gallas urges Chelsea to stick with Nicolas Jackson over signing Victor Oshimhen.(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for Premier League)

In an interview with LordPing(h/t football.london) Gallas made a compelling point – Jackson is just hitting his stride and needs regular playing time to reach his full potential.

‘Victor Osimhen joining Chelsea would harm the confidence of players like Nicolas Jackson. You have to be careful and really think about bringing in a new striker.

As I said before, I think Chelsea should finish the season with Jackson and see how many goals he gets. We also need to see how he improves. He has the quality to do so. Chelsea need to let Jackson get to work.

Chelsea invested £32m in Jackson and brought him to Stamford Bridge from Spanish side Villareal as a part of their current vision of turning young talents into world-class players.

Jackson is rather inexperienced however given enough time and chances, he has the potential to grow to amazing heights. Rotating with Osimhen or being relegated back to the bench could disrupt the 22-year-old’s growth.

This is a pivotal time in Nicolas Jackson‘s Chelsea journey. Gallas argues Chelsea should stick with Jackson, evaluate his output this season, and postpone a blockbuster Osimhen move until next summer.

Nicolas Jackson would benefit from a senior partner.
Nicolas Jackson would benefit from a senior partner (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Signing Pochettino would solve Chelsea’s immediate goal-scoring problems

However, it is also a fact that Chelsea have been struggling in the final third ever since the start of the season. The young boys in blue have been creating a number of chances but ultimately are failing to convert them.

The inexperience and lack of proper understanding in this newly formed team can be regarded as a principal reason for this. So getting a more clinical and experienced striker like Osimhen will hugely benefit the Blues.

Putting the spotlight on Jackson will demonstrate a commitment to building sustainably around young talents. However, bringing in Osimhen will provide Jackson with a more or less senior partner who would be able to mentor him.

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Nigerian international Osimhen has been phenomenal for Napoli. He has scored 65 times in 111 matches. Signing him would surely solve the immediate goal-scoring problem for manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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