Why Chelsea Should Be Going All Out To Sign Ross Barkley

Jose Mourinho is a man who knows what he’s doing. The Portuguese coach has won two Champions League trophies, five league titles and a host of other accolades, both as gaffer and individually. Like I said, he knows what he’s doing. However, I once won League Two with Havant and Waterlooville on Championship Manager in 2002 so I am here to give him my expert advice. After reading reports that Chelsea could be looking to sign Fredy Guarin from Inter, I would suggest to the bosses that they should forget about him and go in for this chap.

Ross Barkley has been incredible this season. The 20-year-old is finally showing us what he’s capable after recovering from his major injury and has been a big part of why Everton have lost just one of their 16 Premier League games.

Not only has the bullish youngster scored twice and made 15 key passes in his 15 appearances, but he’s also completed seven interceptions, made five clearances and completed an impressive 86% of his passes in general.

He’s the complete midfielder. He’s strong-yet-nimble, he has an eye for goal and has the energy levels of a newly-born foal. He has time on his side too.

So there you have it, Jose. There’s my pledge for the England international to be your main target in the new year, and although it may be a short one, here is a video to support the claim.

6 thoughts on “Why Chelsea Should Be Going All Out To Sign Ross Barkley”

  1. Barkley is about to sign a new 5 year contract at Everton, the club he has supported all his life and loves, to the point he now has an Everton tattoo on his forearm. Unlucky boys, Ross ain't gonna do a Rooney, because Everton are in a far different place nowadays.

  2. We'll send you back a Lukaku who's fitter and more rounded as a player, able to lead your line at any level, as thanks for loaning him to us, but, thats as far as we go!. Unless of course you want to do a straight swap…maybe Romelu and de Bruyne for Barks and we're in business! 😉

  3. Sorry lads, I know you (and everyone else) would like young Ross, but the truth is simply this, he is playing for a team he loves, a team that has been every part of his life since birth, and most importantly a team that is emerging as a super-power and genuine threat to the perceived big 4. Everton plays attractive technical football that is yielding results. Funnily enough, the only game this year where I feel we have been actually outplayed was our win against your lads, we should have beaten both Liverpool and Arsenal in recent games. Ross is naturally flattered by all the attention and praise he is receiving, but is grounded enough to understand that he is still developing as a footballer and has aspects of his game that still require improvement. I am confident that in another year or so, Ross will be THE name in the EPL.

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