Rooney – Yes or No? @AStamBridge2Far

One of the strangest rumours I’ve seen over the past week or two, is the possibility of Wayne Rooney coming across from the newly-crowned Premier League champions.

But looking into it, would it really be that bizarre? The man that has been dubbed ‘Shrek’ by fans of opposing clubs, is more than likely going to leave United in the summer, especially after David Moyes was rubber-stamped for the job.

The fall out after the England striker left Everton led to a libel suit over Rooney’s autobiography, and the relationship hasn’t been straightened out since. A seemingly ‘poor season’ from Rooney actually included 12 goals and 10 assists in his 27 games, doing a lot more for the team rather than himself in 2013.

With no clue whether he would be brought in as a striker, or an attacking-midfielder, you have to argue he could be a very useful signing due to his versatility in the attacking areas.

From, he chalked up 9 goals and 5 assists from the AMC position, from just 17 appearances, while he managed 2 goals and 3 assists from 4 games playing AMR/AML.

Despite him being deployed as a striker ever since his arrival on the Premier League scene, I think he could well be more fitted to that role along the midfield three, especially if we were to keep the same sort of rotation policy as we have seen this year, it would enhance our squad massively over the course of a 60-70 game season like we have just seen.

Would he come? The sensible move would be to stay in England, and apart from going back to Everton, and out of European football, I can’t see where else he fits. Although rumours of the recent fall-out at Man United have been related to lack of playing time, and being subbed. The rotation policy would be perfect for us, but would it be for him?

Player Rating: 9 –  Nearly 200 goals in just 400 games for Man Utd shows he can score for fun at the top level, and with the addition of over 100 assists, 10 in just 27 games this season from deeper, shows the range of his abilities. Would fit in well 

Need for Position: 8 – What position? He could fit in any of the front four, giving that extra depth upfront with Torres and Ba, as well as being able to slot in any of the attacking midfield roles. Versatile and master of many trades. 

Affordable?: 9 – With £100m apparently up for grabs for the new manager, the £30m reported would just dip a toe into these funds, and realistically would fill two positions in a forward and attacking midfielder. Affordable and worth the money.

By Brad Smith



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