Money Money Money. Where do we need to spend?

Marin: Should we keep wasting money on subs?After our historic European win last night, Rafa Benitez has apparently said he expects us to spend up to £100m in the summer, but do we need to?

This transition stage is well and truly showing an effect now, players like Hazard, Mata, Luiz, are integral to our success now. But with De Bruyne apparently on his way before getting through the door, and Marin seemingly no closer to a start, it does seem the job isn’t complete.

But £100m? What is Roman planning on doing with that? You could argue the case for a striker, but Torres’ seemingly ‘bad’ form this year seems to be a made-up statistic by people who dislike the Spaniard. Fair enough his Premier League performances have not been top notch, but his European achievements suggest that he is well worth hanging on to. Plus, would bringing in Falcao or someone similar prove an instant success, or would it be another transitional year?

Im very wary of spending this summer. A centre-back could be important if we are to fully commit David Luiz to the midfield, and should Lampard get the new contract we are all wishing for, surely that eradicates the need for a midfielder?

A striker and centre back should be the most we need this summer, and if that comes to £100m then I can’t wait to see who we buy. It’s time to let this team show what they can, and what we know they can do, and I don’t think spending £100m on players who may well not get a look in, is the way to do that. You could probably argue a case for not having to spend at all.

Where do you think we should improve? Do we really need to spend £100m improving in the summer?

As always let us know!

By Brad Smith


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