Surely we can’t lose Luiz?

Jose Mourinho could be dealt a huge blow when he arrives as Chelsea boss as David Luiz has refused to rule out a move to the Spanish giants Barcelona, or so say the Daily Star. However, the Portuguese manager is set to hold a meeting with the defender to persuade him to stay in west London.

Imagine the loss of business to the barbers in London should Luiz leave the capital..

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 4.

4. Branislav Ivanovic – 7.08

Ivanovic may or may not be the highest defender in our list, you will just have to wait and see…

The Serbian managed 34 appearances in the Premier League this season, won us the Europa League final, and even survived being bitten by a Uruguayan.

Chelsea’s Player of the Season: Number 5.

5. Ramires – 7.06

It showed how consistent our squad was this season, as no less than five players came extremely close to this 5th spot. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you who just yet, we will have to keep you guessing…

Ever since that vital goal against Barcelona in the Champions league Semi, Ramires has not been able to do much wrong in the eyes of Chelsea fans, and that’s is mostly because he does so much right.

Chelsea defender set for France?

When Branislav Ivanovic was first signed for Chelsea there wasn’t much fanfare around the Serbian he seemingly just slipped into Stamford Bridge for a £10 million pound transfer fee.

He didn’t play at all in his first season at the club because of a lack of match fitness it wasn’t until 8 months after signing that he made his first appearance at the club.

Big summer for the London trio

For all the accolades and spectacles during the season, you cannot deny the climax of the Top 4 battle held the spotlight. So it turns out that after weeks of expectation and apprehension, the top 4 teams would remain the familiar quartet – Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

It’s over; the relief and elation that emanated from the victorious teams’ quarters was best represented in the gusto with which Wenger punched the air and also the wholehearted cheers that greeted Rafa at the Bridge. AVB’s side was left in defeat but the Spurs fans subtly conveyed the trust and hope they have in their team and coach.

Chelsea: The Next World Beaters?

I fully believe Chelsea will be one tough team to beat in three or four years. By tough, I mean the next Barcelona, or Manchester United of old.

Jose Mourinho will be our cherry, on the icing of the cake, but in reality, he really doesn’t have to do much at all. His first reign at the club, was very much a time for sculpting, and creating a world-beating team, as part of a four or five year plan. Now, when he joins, that work is already well in motion.


After the transition of David Luiz from defensive rock, to marauding defensive midfielder, it may well be time to dip into the market for another centre-back, especially with concerns over John Terry’s long term fitness.

A £100m warchest apparently awaits our new boss, and its open to debate whether we need to spend that anywhere at all. However, if you have to argue somewhere to spend it, your first-choice may well be at the back. With Terry, 32, Ivanovic, 29, and Cahill, 27, it is clear that a youngster may well spice up the competition in defence, especially as Ivanovic is also the second-choice RB at present.

Why Lukaku won’t be here next season.

For as long as we have had Roman Abramovich at the helm, we will be linked with strikers when the transfer windows open, and this summer should prove now exception.

Lukaku has had a stunning season at West Brom; banging in 17 goals in 35 league matches, with 15 of these appearances coming from the bench.

With Ba and Torres performing rather poorly in the league, most fans would be keen on welcoming Lukaku back into the frame for the 2013/14 season. But the question is, would he?

Rafa Benitez, Success or Failure? @AStamBridge2Far

Back in November, there was uproar amongst  fans as a new manager was appointed, namely Rafa Benitez, who had said back in 2007 that he ‘would never take the Chelsea job, in respect for his former team Liverpool, no matter what.’

Those words came back to haunt him when he took over on an interim basis from Roberto Di Matteo. Missing out on the Champions League knock out stages followed and it all seemed to be going terribly for the Spaniard. However, he has delivered the Europa League trophy, secured 3rd place in the league and reached two cup semi-finals.