Chelsea forward told he can leave the club

Quite what dreadful act Florent Malouda committed to be exiled from Chelsea for over a year or why interest in him during that time was so bleak we are never likely to know, however the player has been finally been given his freedom and according to Sky Sports News he is keen to start playing again.

Malouda had been with the club since 2007 and for the most part prior to his banishment was a first team regular, however since the Champions League final he has rather bizarrely vanished off the face of the earth. He is not getting any younger and undoubtedly his abilities have probably began to fade whilst a new influx of midfield talent meant his chances were always going to be limited, that said it is still been odd for him not have made the odd cameo appearance here and there particularly given the clubs monumental fixture list.

It has perhaps even more shocking that seemingly nobody made a move for him in January given the stench of desperation around during that time and it will be interesting now whether any clubs will be willing to take a gamble on a player who has not kicked a competitive ball in nearly a year. You would think surely there are enough clubs willing to take a risk on a player who is still a relatively big name, although Malouda will probably be required to lower his requirements given that the title chasers in Europe’s top leagues are unlikely to be moved by his release. If he is keen to stay in England a good place to pitch himself might just be Newcastle given St James Park is apparently the new home for French talent.

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