We are in a bit of a pickle….


We are in a bit of a pickle. Stuck with a manager who the fans dislike, and although the board expected results to counter-act these feelings, it has simply backfired dramatically on Abramovich and the Chelsea board.


Di Matteo’s 24 points from 12 games wasn’t poor, although certainly results in that spell were, but with Rafa Benitez collected just 25 points from his 14 league games, you begin to understand the frustrations that echo from the Bridge during most games nowadays.

It may well be a blind hatred towards the ex-Liverpool boss, but it certainly comes with substance, backed up from those stats, and the shockingly poor, and late substitutions during games. Yes, you have to blame the players to an extent, but can you blame them for not being able to perform for a boss who effectively has a countdown timer on his head?

Just two months in charge for Rafa has seemed like two years for Blues fans, but it seems increasingly unlikely that Abramovich will bite the bullet and get rid already, especially with the fact none of his long-term targets will be available as we near the end of the campaign.


With Pep Guardiola out of the question, it does seem a return for Jose Mourinho is top priority, especially as his season with Real Madrid is going far from perfectly, a crunch European clash with Manchester United is where their season lies, as they are so far behind Barcelona that even Athletico Madrid are above them in La Liga.


Roman will have to eat his share of humble pie though. He forked out £18m to terminate the Portuguese man’s contract last time around, and as we have seen with the likes of Torres, he doesn’t exactly warm to admitting he’s thrown money down the drain.


Its clear to see who benefitted more from the move in 2007, Chelsea’s three FA Cups look impressive, but the more desired cups, the Champions League and league title, have only visited once each in that time, whilst Mourinho has also scooped the coveted European trophy, as well as three league titles and two domestic cups, in different countries. 


It is very doubtful that we could get Mourinho to put pen to paper before seasons end, but I am pretty confident that this will be the deal that gets signed in July. Until then? Who knows. Benitez needs to turn this form around, if only to guarantee third or fourth spot, which is how desperate this season has got.


Would anyone take over from now until May though? Find that man, and put him in. Benitez has lost, or possibly never had, the dressing room, and we simply cannot afford to miss out on Champions League qualification this season, especially after such a poor campaign this time around.


Who do you want in permanently? Does Mourinho get your vote? Also, do you think there is anyone available that would take the job from February until May? Let us know.


By Brad Smith




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  1. Mourinho's “Second Coming” is the ONLY intelligent option.
    Until then I'd settle for Chelsea season-ticket holder El Tel – nice for him to win the FA Cup 🙂

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