Keep Cole, now sort Lampard out.

Just today, Chelsea finally renewed Ashley Cole’s contract. I, for one, never saw that coming as we were all caught up in the Chelsea-must-sign-Lampard saga, and Cole putting pen to paper is such a huge relief as I can’t imagine the loss of a world-class player like him.

Lampard, however, has not renewed his contract with Chelsea yet, which is pretty disturbing. We’ve heard rumours of him signing for L.A. Galaxy recently, sparking up more controversy about his future with Chelsea, if he has one.

Lampard has always been an immense player for us, and that alone is enough for me to offer him a contract, as well as the fact he still continues to prove his brilliance in almost every game. Sunday’s game against Arsenal was another platform in which he showcased himself; putting up a splendid performance in carrying out his defensive duties and also scoring a goal(and when doesn’t he?).

I am sure that Abramovich, fittingly sat in that lofty porch of his at the Bridge, is not blind to the fact that Lampard has scored 8 goals in the Premier League, just as high as Fellaini’s and am quite sure he would surpass him. It’s also worty of note of that Lamps isn’t just about scoring goals as he has been linking up well with the frontline; and whenever he switches to those trademark passes of his, I marvel.

Yes, he is 34 and obviously ageing, but should age be a barrier for a man still in the prime of his career? It can’t be overemphasized enough that United’s Scholes and Giggs, whose quality are ebbing away even now still play a part in their team, if minimal. It’s not that Lampard is flawless, he has had his own fair share of criticism for some blunders he has made but who doesn’t in that team? Hazard? Oscar? Or incredible Mata? Can’t even begin to mention Torres.

Ashley’s contract renewal gives a glimmer of hope that Lamps won’t be frozen out. It’s high time the owner reckons with the fans and sign him up, as he is not only in top form but can also be, along with Terry, Cole and Cech, the motivators for the new and younger players, and also the driving force (oldguard if you want) of the team.

By Salako Aramide

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