Do we need this Fella?

Opinion seems divided on the decision to axe Frank Lampard at the seasons end, but even more debate is flying around on who, if anyone, should replace him at the Bridge.

Chelsea have been accused of not nurturing their youth at all well, Romelu Lukaku was a prime example last season, signed for £17m, and left on the bench, only managing minimal game time during the Champions League winning campaign.

Four midfielders were signed in the summer, and Marouane Fellaini could well be next in line to rock up at Stamford Bridge, as news of his buyout clause surfaced this week. While nobody outside of Goodison is sure exactly how much it is, between £22m-£30m is the ballpark figure.

It is no secret that Roman Abramovich wants instant results, having seen Mourinho pick up back-to-back trophies in his first two years at the club, he must believe this is how it works. Ask Manchester City, its certainly not that easy any more.

In Oriel Romeu and Josh McEachran, Chelsea have two great prospects, and although loan-time is a good option, there is no substitute for first-team, Premier League action. It pains me to say, but look at Manchester United, the likes of Evans, Cleverley, Jones, Welbeck, may not stand out as world beaters, but could well be on their way to a Premier League title this season should us and Man City not pull our fingers out, and quick.

Sure, Fellaini would fit straight into the team, and no-one can doubt the Belgians quality, but would we not be better saving £25m, and ploughing our time and effort into these youngsters, that may well be worth this amount in a few years time. As we have seen, replace old with proven is fine, but should Roman maybe think about harnessing what we have, rather than throwing £100m at the team every five years?

I think so. I believe it is clear that the Premier League may well be out of our grasp this season, but with three trophies still very possible, surely now is the time to get these players ready for next season’s campaign, as I don’t think it’s silly to say we have a squad very capable of winning the Europa League, as well as the two domestic cups.

Is the 25-year old Belgian worth £25m? Probably, yes. Our 4-2-3-1 formation suits him perfectly, as he could easily fit into the defensive two, due to his excellent control, technique, and tackling ability. On top of that, he is just as capable offensively. Everton’s top scorer this season, scoring goals at the same rate as strikers, mean he would cause no end of problems in the middle of the forward three, as well as giving a very different option to Oscar, most notably a huge presence, with his 6ft 4 frame.

However, this doesn’t change mine, and many others view. With the chance to recall Lukaku gone now, lets not lose the chance to give our other stars a chance, and for once, leave the money in the bank. Although it would be amazing to see him and David Luiz beside each other.

Do you think we should sign Fellaini? Do you have your eye on another midfield maestro? Or do you believe we should give our youth the chance. Let us know!


By Brad Smith


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  1. I would prefer Modric to come in and play with either Ramirez,Luiz,Romeu or Machechran!! Modric wud link up play with our attacking play quite superbly!!!

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