Will We Lose without Luiz?

Terry has been missing for three games now, and whilst we have shipped 9 goals in them games, we have still managed to win two of them.

It certainly seems like Di Matteo is adopting the ‘we’ll score more than you philosophy’.

Luiz has been partnered with Cahill for those games, and he has been marked as very doubtful for the Swansea clash by Di Matteo today, meaning that the likelihood is that Ivanovic will push across, giving Azpilicueta a chance to star in the right-back role.

The injury may benefit us in all honesty though, with Cole back on the left, and Azpilicueta on the right, we have enough pace to deal with the tricky wingers that will be on show at the Liberty Stadium, as we have seen before, Ivanovic is quite likely to be caught out by such trickery and speed.

One problem with our new policy, is the fact Juan Mata is also likely to be injured, meaning the onus is really on both Hazard and Torres to impress. The Swans have got 9 goals in 5 at home this season, so I expect them to score on Saturday.

Sturridge scored midweek, with many fans calling for him to start this Saturday, although with Torres netting 4 goals in 9, does he really deserve to be dropped? That decision may well be the key to whether we can take all three points back to London tomorrow evening.

With Mata unlikely to play, it will be either Moses or Marin to take the spot, and have big boots to fill alongside Oscar and Hazard, who will now be the main men to create the chances for whoever Di Matteo starts upfront.

The selection is sure to be an interesting one, and hopefully whichever he chooses will be the right one, who would you start?  


By Brad Smith

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