Debts? What debts?

Chelsea Football Club released their financial documentation ending June 30th this week, surprisingly recording a £1.4m profit, mostly down to the Champions League win we recorded last May.

Everyone in the Chelsea camp had been sweating over the Financial Fair Play rules that are soon to be implemented. But with a profit this year, on the back of a £67.7m loss last year, that is sure to please those that are involved.

This is the first time Chelsea have recorded a profit since Abramovich and co. took charge nine seasons ago, with massive losses for eight seasons running. Although this new figure does not include the signings of Hazard, Oscar, Azpilicueta, or Marin, it shows that Chelsea are more than willing to throw themselves in the right direction, and prove themselves, ahead of the new strict FFP rulings.

With a Champions League win not expected to be a regular season at Chelsea, the club may well face the task of convincing the relevant authorities that they can do this year in, year out, without the income of the Champions League trophy every season.

Luckily, Di Matteo has been clever in the transfer market, and when you look at the Chelsea squad, you can see a competitive group that could well not need much configuring over the next five  years, which is lucky, as the new strict rules may well not let them do much in that department.

What is for sure, is that any trophy may well be an important one for Chelsea this year. Not just for the title, but the money it will bring in, to meet those vital rules that will soon be in place.


By Brad Smith



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