Rotation Is The Key For Title Challenge

Should Lampard be starting, or should he be on the bench? That is a question that has been thrown around numerous times in the past few weeks, and there is only one true answer for it. Rotation.

Mikel and Ramires seem the long-term and more energetic option in the middle, but whilst Ramires is nearly the complete article, I believe Mikel has a way to go, especially after making some costly mistakes over the past year or two at the Bridge.

That isn’t to say Frank should start ahead of him. His experience at this level is invaluable, and something that no doubt Mikel will be learning a lot from, and hopefully molding him into a world-class player for the future.

With players like Moses, Sturridge, and Oscar to come in, I fully believe this constant rotation will help us scoop the title, not hinder it. Many people have also asked “Which is the best centre-back partnership?” Well, with Terry, Cahill, and Luiz to pick from, there is no answer to that. Some games may warrant Luiz and his mazy runs, to give Chelsea more attacking options, whereas some games may require the sternness and solidarity that Terry and Cahill will give.

Chelsea have options all over the pitch, whether it is the heading and defending ability of Ivanovic at right-back, or the more attacking and skill of Azpilicueta, teams know they have to prepare for all eventualities, which gives Chelsea a head start on the opposition already.

With Abramovich expecting to challenge both domestically and continentally this year, these options will prove invaluable to him, and hopefully spur the competition on in the squad, leading to more chance of multiple silverware come May next season.

Only Roberto Di Matteo knows whether he has a preferred, or best eleven, but with the talent that runs through the squad, no doubt he will be chopping and changing the team all season, keeping players fresh, and without a monumental injury or form scare in the squad, fans at the Bridge have a lot to look forward to this season.


By Brad Smith

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