It Wasn’t Alright On The Night

Fans of both Chelsea and Tottenham were lamenting a midday kick-off for their clash in the Premier League this weekend, especially as it coincided with the midweek World Cup qualifiers, where England travelled to Poland on Tuesday night, where both Ashley Cole, and Jermaine Defoe were named as starters.

So, three and a half days apart, not a catastrophe, although as the squad will have to travel back from Poland, it isn’t exactly an ideal scenario. So, imagine the faces of both Di Matteo and Villas-Boas as the scenes unravelled on Tuesday night. The ‘pitch’ resembling my back garden after a typical English winter (or summer nowadays) and the game was called off, until 4pm today

The players will then hopefully be back at their clubs by Thursday, but don’t expect any heavy training between the matches, both managers will have everything crossed to avoid any injuries.

We shouldn’t complain, although Cole has been excellent as usual so far for us, Bertrand will provide adequate cover should he be needed, although Jermaine Defoe, Spurs’ top scorer, is a bit more vital to their set-up. If the worse happens, they could always put second top-scorer, and centre back, Jan Vertonghon up top.

We shouldn’t laugh though. The pitiful organisation skills has left the Polish FA red-faced, and luckily, no dramatic changes in the fixture schedule will be needed, despite Borussia Dortmund’s Polish contingent wanting the game moved into November, due to their fixture this Friday evening.

So, we shouldn’t complain, and instead look forward to our lunchtime clash with our bitter rivals, where we face a test to keep our unbeaten away record, and Spurs attempt to keep their unbeaten home record.

Draw it is then?


By Brad Smith


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