Falcao, How About Now?

Top of the league. 15 goals in 7 games, and 6 goals in 2 Champions League ties.

You wouldn’t think that a striker would be top of the agenda for Chelsea fans, but when one in the shape of Falcao comes along, you’d be rude to simply ignore him.

A mere £48m is the price quoted. But as Chelsea well know, you’d still get pocket change back from Torres’ fee for that.

Ok, Fernando has been tested and passes the exam of the Premier League, but if you have had the jo of watching Falcao play, you could hardly argue he would be a risky signing.

He was like a bull in a china shop when Chelsea met Athletico Madrid earlier this season, scoring a hat-trick in a 4-1 thumping, making the European Champions look distinctly average at best.

However, its definitely not a case of, offer them £48m and he is ours. Premier League Champions Manchester City have also voiced their interest, despite already possessing four world-class strikers, they too would like to secure the Columbian’s signature

City already poached Sergio Aguero from them, so there may well be sour grapes if they come and snatch his replacement too from them. However, Athletico aren’t really in the situation to complain, as their debts are coincidently pretty much exactly Falcao’s fee.

Chelsea tried a last ditch attempt on deadline day in August to grab the forward, but couldn’t argue out a deal in time, which was risky, as Chelsea have left themselves with just Torres, Sturridge, and the untested Lucas Piazon as their out-and-out strikers, after letting the unhappy Lukaku out on loan to midlands club West Bromwich Albion.

January is a new month, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Abramovich and his cronies are already weighing up an offer for the hitman, as they look to fire the Blues to domestic and continental glory.


 By Brad Smith


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