A View From The Bridge… Tottenham

It’s the big London derby tomorrow, as we come up against former boss Andre Villas-Boas, and his Tottenham team, who have won their last three games, and are sitting fifth in the table.

We must hope that this clash ends similar to our last away game, where we overturned Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates.

To help us get an insight to the big lunchtime kick-off this Saturday, we spoke to two die-hard Chelsea fans Ashwat and James, ahead of the clash. They can both be found on Twitter, @ashwat and @jamesbjacobs respectively.

So lads, an unbeaten start to the season, did you expect this, and how far, realistically, can it go on for?

Ashwat: I didn’t expect us to be unbeaten until now mainly because of the new faces in the midfield. As I thought it would take some time for them to get settled into the Premier League. We have tough fixtures coming up, but we’ll be unbeaten until Dec!

James: No I didn’t really expect this at all, I knew we would be strong and our start was fairly easy but this was well beyond my expectations!

Lets hope it continues! The Cole and Terry incidents are still popping around in the press, do you think this will have any impact on the dressing room at all?

Ashwat: More than the incidents I think its their absence that might affect us.. 2 of Terry’s 4 game ban are against United and he’s a big game player. And with news about Cole leaving the club, I hope Bertrand is ready to step up and fill in those big shoes.

James: Not in the slightest, I think we have plenty of leaders in the dressing room and the team will be able to easily unite behind them

Torres has started scoring, and everyone is chipping in with the goals, do we really need to sign a striker in January?

Ashwat: Everyone’s chipping in with goals but an injury to Torres can prove lethal.. I’d like to see how Sturridge fits into the scheme of things, but Signing another striker would make more sense in my opinion.

James: Yes I still feel we do, especially if the recent rumours about Sturridge being unhappy and wanting to leave are true, as we will need a replacement if he leaves

On to the opposition, who do you think will be Spurs’ biggest threat come Saturday, and why?

Ashwat: I think Bale is their most dangerous player.. I hope Ivanovic and Mikel double team and do a good job on him. Also Dempsey but overall I think if we are able to curb the services from these two we will do good.

James: Moussa Dembele for me. He holds the ball up very well in midfield and has the ability to give brilliant opportunities to their forwards, something we will have to watch out for.

Finally, what will the score be, and who will grab the goals this weekend?

Ashwat: White Hart Lane for ages has been “3 Point Lane” for Chelsea so I am going with 2-1 to Chelsea. Goals from Mata, Ivanovic and Defoe.

James: I think the score will be 2-2. Mata and Cahill will score for us but Dempsey and Defoe to score for them.


Thanks again then lads, its sure to be a close one, hopefully Ashwat is right, and we can grab that win to extend our lead at the top, before the 3pm kick offs!

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By Brad Smith

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