Torres should take a long look in the mirror

Saturday was a frustrating day all around for Chelsea, after storming to three straight wins, the attack looked devoid of ideas, against a resilient QPR defence.

This was highlighted no more than by Mr.Torres, who after scoring in two games in a row, drew a blank, and was dominated all game by the impressive Ryan Nelson. Everyone had been irritated by the proceedings, but when Fernando Torres’ was substituted, his decision to storm off down the tunnel after 81 minutes was a poor spur of the moment decision, and one that he should regret and apologise for, quickly.

These Chelsea fans have stuck through Torres, after his high-profile £50m move from Liverpool, they cheered his name, despite his dreadful opening season, and seem to have rejuvenated the Spanish striker, after some great performances to start the season.

Although it was an understandable reaction, in the heat of battle, he has a special relationship with the Blues fans, and one that could easily drive him towards a Golden Boot this season, if he keeps up his performances of late.

El Nino certainly won’t want to mess the Stamford Bridge faithful around, all forking out £40 a ticket, will not want to see their star striker refuse to acknowledge them, and storm off straight down the tunnel in a huff.

He will no doubt take centre-stage against Juventus on Wednesday, it what should prove to be an enthralling encounter. He will want a goal to get the fans back on side, as if they are, they can push you that extra 10% that is needed. But, have them on your back at your peril, no striker wants to owe a debt to the supporters, especially a £50 million one.


By Brad Smith

2 thoughts on “Torres should take a long look in the mirror”

  1. I said it the last time and I’m still saying it again. The problem we had in that match was poor selection. How can you have a player like Oscar and Moses then you decide to go with Ramires and Bertrand. No offence to the both of them, if you’re going to attack, the blind we even go for Oscar and Moses. I’m really trying my best not to say this, but the truth is that, RDM is really insulting Brasil (great football nation) for not playing Oscar so far. Do you know what it takes to play for Brasil? Not even that. To be a #10 in Brasil national team? To me, that’s a very big insult. The kind of squad we have now, you don’t need be too patient for anyone. Its either you keep up or you’re drop to the bench because those playing are not better than those sitting on the bench. If i am to predict the lineup against QPR 10times, i can never think of the squad i saw RDM used. Unless I’m going for defensive approach, which i think its very unnecessary for a team like QPR. I was really disappointed with the selection. Not to talk of Lampard, why not use Ramires to replace lampard then Moses and Oscar in replace of Bertrand. The match was so annoying to watch. And for toress, maybe its high time we give Sturidge some playing time. Sturidge was annoying late last season, and despite how i claim to dislike him i still don’t want that boy to leave because that boy is a real gem, he just needs time and advice from more experience players and coaches.

  2. I am a big fan of Torres, I think he playing very well this season but i think he needs to get mentally strong!!!!!!!!!!!
    This kind of stuff like storming in dressing room, getting irritated so often will not help him at all. He needs to get mature now ,he has to win this mental battle he needs to show that he has character and temperament.
    All i can say is that is one of the greatest striker ….he has all the quality all the talent but keeping cool will make him worlds most deadly strikers !!!!!!!!!!!!

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