No Spaces Available For Florent…

Florent Malouda’s fall from grace at Chelsea has hit an all time low, with the Frenchman told he is not only omitted from the Blue’s Champions’ League squad this season, but also has to park his car on the academy site next door to the main senior car park.

It’s a dramatic call from manager Roberto Di Matteo, with Malouda having enjoyed five successful seasons with the Stamford Bridge club. In that time, he has made 149 first team appearances in the league, and his recent banishment is sure to leave many fans asking questions.

He hasn’t been in any of the three match day squads so far in the Premier League this season for Chelsea, and it’s looking more and more likely that his playing days at the Bridge are over. Forced to play a recent reserve friendly against Charlton along with fellow outcast Paulo Ferreira, and left off the teams’ annual Christmas dinner list, it seems shocking treatment for two loyal servants for the club.

It’s one thing being surplus to requirements, and it’s fair to say that Chelsea have a squad in place at the minute that could potentially compete for the title come May, but it’s another thing to leave players out in the dark altogether.

Malouda isn’t likely to stick around until his contract expires next summer, with Lyon likely to rescue him from his current predicament in January, but for now it’s full time training with the youth teams until further notice.

Are you sure this is a wise move Roberto? Only time will tell, but if one of two players pick up injuries, the Italian chief could be forced to come running to Malouda with his tail between his legs.


By Sean Monaghan



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  1. No amount of injuries will make RDM come running for malouda. We have half a squad full of players that can play on the wing and every single one of them is better than him.
    RDM would rather pick from the youth academy for youngsters who are already better than malouda or play with 10 men. Both would be better because Malouda is just useless.

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