Can Victor Moses be the game changer?

Victor Moses’ move from Wigan to Chelsea was seen as one of the stranger moves of the Summer Transfer Window, supposedly to be back up to the likes of Eden Hazard and Oscar who had already signed on at the club. However, considering his impact (albeit off the bench) so far this season, he could be one of Chelsea’s most dangerous weapons throughout the season.

His rise to success, first at from Crystal Palace, and then at Wigan, lead Chelsea to sign him, and his unpredictability, and ‘no fear’ attitude could really be a game changer. “Chelsea had Mata, Oscar and Hazard, who all want to play No 10. They appear to lack real width” said John Motson, talking of the game against Stoke.

With this talented, yet narrow, trio behind the struggling Fernando Torres, chances were few and far between, and so Moses was introduced to the game after 60 minutes. Although he was not playing as an out and out winger in the particular game, his direct running at defenders, gave Stoke, and will give plenty of other teams, something completely different to think about. Furthermore, in games where Moses is deployed as a winger, he will give natural width to the side, allowing the likes of Oscar/Hazard/Mata more space in the centre of the park. £9 million was the eventual fee agreed for the Nigerian winger, but in today’s market, for a dangerous impact sub, or even a starter in certain games; it may just end up being one of the better deals of the summer.

“He comes from Norbury, he parted the Red Sea”, sang Crystal Palace fans about their former prized possession, and while I doubt he has such biblical powers, opposition defences may be parted for years to come at Stamford Bridge.


By Matt Morlidge


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  1. Moses will provide width and confidence. I would like to see Moses-Mata-Oscar-Hazard across the front without a striker. This means Moses replaces Torres. And I think they should switch positions throughout a game. Moses can switch left and right wings, and Mata-Oscar-Hazard mix and match in the middle. There is enough striking talent among them.

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