Top heavy bridge

While everybody loves a good spending spree, there’s something different about the money being splashed around Chelsea this transfer window. While right-back Cesar Azpilicueta has been brought in to provide defensive cover, the remainder of the purchases CFC have made a very attacking; in some cases alarmingly so.

Perhaps a big step in making the Blues a more exciting attacking unit – a quality many feel Roman Abramovic desires to see in his team – the money spent on attacking midfielders this summer is sure to lead to some skilful attacking play; well, by as many as can get on the field at least. For in a roll call of newly-acquired creative midfielders, Eden Hazard, brother Thorgan Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, Marko Marin and Victor Moses could fill the available positions themselves, but lest we forgot midfielders of the calibre of Juan Mata, Ramires, Florent Malouda, Raul Meireles, Ryan Bertrand, plus forgotten or young players such as Gael Kakuta, Yossi Benayoun, Josh McEachran or Lucas Piazon are all looking to stake their claim for a starting berth. Put simply is the top of end of the pitch ludicrously bloated?

While many of the mentioned players are likely to be loaned out, with new signing de Bruyne already shipped out to Werder Bremen, a number of players will likely see their careers left in limbo or be unable to find new clubs. It’s hardly financially efficient or helpful for financial fair play to keep unwanted players on big contracts or lose a potential transfer fee, but there seems to be little choice when the squad so clearly needs trimming.

The signing of Moses in particular seems bizarre and somewhat indulgent. With an already top-heavy squad the Wigan winger, who displays an irritating selfishness and ability to ignore the better option the likes of which I haven’t seen since my days of 5 a side in London, is arguably the last thing the squad needs. Marin and Hazard, alongside Mata, can already provide enough silky skills to open up any attack so the former Crystal Palace man Moses looks as though he may have to get used to the bench. And it looks like he won’t be the only one…

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  1. Before damning the club as bloated and top heavy it's worth looking closer at the depth of squad available. Chelsea have clearly splashed the cash this summer due to the Champion's League winnings/TV monies. They currently have an average age of 21 for the signings so clearly this is a plan for the future and not something to be deployed THIS season. So what players have actually been bought? Eden Hazard, Marin, KDB, Moses, Oscar can all be “lumped” together as attacking midfielders, but this doesn't do enough justice to the layout. Malouda, Benayoun, Essien could/should be leaving as well as Kalou, Drogba, Bosignwa already being out the door. Caesar directly replaced Boss, Sturridge moves from RW to cover the departing Drogba CF role but we still neded a forward cover for Kalou as well as back-up RW should Sturridge cover the middle (Moses and maybe another purchase?). Hazard comes into replace Malouda's role for 2010/11. Oscar comes in to partially replace Essien/Benayoun and in the future Lampard's role (remember this isn't a 1 season plan!). Marin is a much needed back-up for Mata/Hazard where we had none before.

    All in all the team has see a massive re-build and a switch of formation from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 Previously only Mata and Lampard were the core AMs but playing with 3 men behind the stiker you need FIVE players to cover this with enough depth to protect against injury/suspension, plus the realistic chance that Lampard will be retired or playing a bit-part role in the next 2 years (Oscar!).

    When you look closer at the purchases, they've actually been very intelligent and well planned for thefuture. Add to this the possibility of another striker to povide forward cover and the squad wil be very strong for the coming years.

  2. hahahaha!! Did I read you said that the signing of Holy v, MOSESS is a “bizarre and somewhat indigent”? it is pitiable ludicrous that you “look rather than watch” football……..poor you, Please look 4 a proffession else where perhaps a “ball boy” in our “silver-ware” stricken and stars selliing neighbour, arsenal? you said it or torti-harm coldspur…..

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