Footballers who Gamble

You have to admit, everyone is a little bit jealous of professional footballers. We think they have it easy – wads of cash for kicking a ball around on a field; the attention of glamorous women who dream of becoming WAGs; and a celebrity status not only in the UK but potentially around the world. It’s not all smooth sailing though. The problem with having lots of money is that it’s all too easy to fritter it away, and there are plenty of professional footballers who have given in to gambling and lost their fortunes in just this manner. Here are just a few!

Matthew Etherington – Played poker on the bus to and from matches, frittering away his £20,000 weekly wage until he was confronted by his family and forced to change his ways.
Wayne Rooney – Thought to have owed bookies around £700,000 in 2006, although claimed that the bookies were dodgy themselves as justification for not settling his debt.
Michael Owen – Supposedly gambled with a massive £2.2 million using an online bookies and a spread betting company, but he had more luck than some – he didn’t lose the full sum, and the figure accounts for money that went both in and out of his online accounts.
John Terry – No longer a gambling man but apparently used to be, having had to re-mortgage his house several times.
??? – According to certain reports, an unnamed footballer broke down in tears having lost £1 million in a game of poker. Who could it be?

It’s always good to learn from the experiences of others! These footballers should take a leaf out of the sensible gambler’s handbook – only bet what you can afford, quit while you’re ahead, especially in an online casino where it is easy to play, and if you seem to be on a losing streak then stop! Gambling is an entertaining pastime, but always remember that addiction is a real threat.

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