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Hi guys. As some of you will know, our current Facebook group, which is focuses on just the articles that we publish, and of course news that we find around the web.

We are currently working on a new Facebook page, where we will link to videos, pictures, reports, gossip, from ALL around the web.

There is no better place to find out about recent and updated Chelsea news, without leaving Facebook. Whereever you live, the site will be updated as soon as we hear anything, and on top of that, we will be making this the biggest community of Chelsea fans on the web.

If you want to discuss, argue, praise, or critisise the team, then its as simple as pressing the Like button below. Easy!

With your help, we can make this massive, and as a bonus, we will be hoping to run the Prediction League on that page next season, so you can test your score prediction skills against hundreds of other Chelsea fans.

KTBFFH! and lets get the ball rolling!


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