”Appoint Di Matteo Now, Or Get Guardiola” say Chelsea fans

I wanted to gauge interest in who Chelsea fans would be wanting as their new manager, should Roberto Di Matteo not be offered the job.

200 of you answered, and over three-quarters of you, 79% in fact, voted for Pep Guardiola.

Many people voiced concerns and belief that Di Matteo should be the only one offered the job, which seems the most popular choice, although it seems obvious that if Abramovich doesn’t act fast, he may lose that option, and that would leave just 21% happy with another choice, should Guardiola turn down the job.

Fabio Capello, the second favourite for the job, polled just 6% of the votes, many cited his lack of English and man-management skills with the England squad as a concern.

Also, despite Guardiola’s run away victory, some were worried about his experience.

Ayodeji Osokoya said on the Facebook page

“Honestly, to me Guardiola has not yet proven that he is a good coach unless he manages another club and still achieves that same glory he got while in Barcelona

Whilst James Lawrence added.

“I think he (Di Matteo) has done his best to convince Roman by winning the CL and FA. as for Redknapp noway…though he’s a good coach”

Redknapp scored lowest of everyone, receiving just 4% of the votes, whilst the former French defender Laurent Blanc got 5%.

One surprise was Joachim Low, the German national team coach, coming second in the poll with 8% of the votes, although much would depend on how Germany faired in Euro 2012 if the Chelsea board pursued him.

Thanks for all of your input, and hopefully, a boss will be appointed sooner rather than later. Any final comments, write them below, to have your say on the managerial saga at Stamford Bridge.


By Brad Smith



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