Secure Di Matteo Or Watch Hard Work Come Undone.

With hard work already being completed in the transfer market, Roman Abramovich is obviously pulling strings behind the scenes, with Marin and Hazard already added to the squad, along with possibly Hulk over the next few days.

However, Roman is neglecting a pair of Chelsea legends, who have arguably steered a rocking ship to one of the best seasons in the modern era. Both Di Matteo and Eddie Newton have been key to the change in fortunes, and Blues fans all over the world are pleading to give DI Matteo the full-time job, although Roman is extremely keen on poaching Pep Guardiola after him leaving Barcelona this summer.

That would itself be a massive risk though, as the former Barca man firstly insisted he is off to take a couple of years out of the game, although did backtrack and say that he ‘could be tempted’ by a big job offer, but should he be offered, and declined the job, you would expect Di Matteo to keep his dignity and simply walk off from the club, along with his coach, Newton.

Sure, Chelsea fans would be ecstatic should they get Guardiola, but a very likely scenario is that they would then get neither, meaning Chelsea fans would quickly be on to their 3rd, 4th, 5th choice managers, and becoming increasingly unrestful.

Outside of RDM and Guardiola, Capello, Redknapp and Benitez are all possibilities, but would not be ideal.

Fabio Capello’s lack of knowledge of English and his troubles with the England squad, means he would have great trouble communicating with the big English leaders in our team, Redknapp would be coming from bitter rivals Spurs, and Benitez not being the big name that the Stamford Bridge faithful are looking for.

Abramovich may well be biding his time over a replacement, and although no rush until the appointment is made, you would expect the new man would need a decent summers training with a squad that has already had a big shake-up, and is set for a lot more exits and signings.

By Brad Smith



2 thoughts on “Secure Di Matteo Or Watch Hard Work Come Undone.”

  1. 1) ''as the former Barca man has insisted he is off to take a couple of years out of the game''
    2) ''as Capello has already struggled with the likes of Terry and Lampard with England''

    Mate do you even bother to check the news sometimes?

    1) Guardiola stated at a press conference he wanted to stay out of the game for ONE year, only then – after the Cup final – to state ''maybe a couple o months, unless there is an offer or a club who seduce me''

    2) The defense of Terry, in the ''strip of his armband'' case, is the main reason Capello was sacked by FA.
    How on earth can you say that he ''struggled'' with the likes of both players?

    If you want to support Di Matteo and Newton , just say it without posting a whole bunch of inaccurate things

  2. Hi Theo.

    I was more relating to the English language, and the obvious difficulties he would have getting his instructions across to the English leaders in our team. Sure, that is what coaches might be for, but I still believe he would struggle greatly in charge, and would not be a popular choice amongst fans.

    As for Guardiola, yes, I should have mentioned about the fact he did say he might be tempted back by an offer, I did mean to, and did see the press conference. The article will be updated with that info now though 🙂

    Thanks for the input, who would you want as manager, if not RDM? Guardiola seems the very popular choice!


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