Ex-Blue demands more support for gay footballers

Chelsea’s old left back Graeme Le Saux has spoken out about his concern for gay footballers.

The former England international received lots of abuse over the years from opposing fans who accused him of being homosexual.

Speakinf to BBC Radio Jersey he said, “The important thing isn’t whether or not there are gay players in professional.

Before going on to say, “The point is that the environment is such that if they are, they feel they can achieve and the profession will support them.

And continued to say, “At the moment I still don’t think that’s there, I think ultimately it’s up to football to really face those demons and actually say ‘we’re going to stand up for people, whatever their colour, creed or sexuality’ and actually give them the opportunity to say ‘if I want to be a football player I’m confident enough to try’.”

Le Saux made 77 starts for Chelsea and scored eight times between 1987 and 1993 before moving to Blackburn. He then returned to the Blues in August 1997 for £7m when on to play in another 133 games.

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