Despite the reports – Blues looking healthy

The Blues are often spoke about in negative terms when it comes to financial matters but according to Deloitte’s league table of the world’s richest football clubs Chelsea sit in sixth.

Accordign to the 2010/11 figures the Blues revenue was €249.8m, a t a time when every penny counts these are very healthy figures – there is still work to be done but we’re going in the right direction.

All the teams in the top 20 are from Europe and Real Madrid remain top of the table with an incredible revenue of €480m, and Manchester United are the highest rated EPL side.

Arsenal are just above us but as they’re a selling club this isn’t a shock, as we know as soon as they get a decent bid for any of their stars they tend to sell.

Manchester City aren’t in the top ten at moment, but this is expected to change when the fixtures are relaeased this time next season.

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