Will Chelsea finish in the top four this season?

Love him or loathe him Andre Villas Boas certainly generates a ‘marmite’

response from fans. Just like the brown beef spread they either love it or

hate it. Personally and although I love marmite I think AVB is a plonker

but won’t diss other fans for believing in him as they are Chelsea too. I

just hope that I am wrong about the guy and that he pulls something out of

the hat for us this term (although I have my grave doubts).


Ever since last summer my own personal minimum requirement out of our new

Manager for this season was a top four finish. Realizing that this was to be a

transitional season with some older players moving on and the introduction

of some strategic young players coming in I thought the above wasn’t too

much to expect. As I have said, I now have my grave doubts.


We struggled to another uninspiring performance and to get a nil

nil draw at Norwich. This was the same Norwich team that hadn’t (until

our game) managed to keep ONE clean sheet all season! This was the

same Norwich team that were efficiently despatched by Spurs 0-2 just a

couple of weeks ago at Carrow Road.


The simple brutal truth is that we are not going to catch United or City

(with the way we are playing). If we are being truthful with ourselves can

anyone honestly say that we are playing better than Spurs or Arsenal this

season so far?


We are football fans and by definition ‘ever the optomists’ which the

media and football club marketing men prey on. I cannot however put my hand

on my heart and say that we will deffo finish above either Spurs or Arsenal

(like I say forget City and United) to get that top four birth come the end of

the summer.


It is because I have supported Chelsea for over 40 years and seen the club

in various divisions, various states of financial well being or otherwise,

that I know the years of osterity that it took for us to have some real

long term success under the Abramovich reign. To have that so carelessley

wiped out (a top four finish) I think should result in both the sacking of

this Manager and the entire football board.


Alan S Frank

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