Learning from the Spanish

In the Spanish and German leagues, Europe’s elites often set-up ‘B’ teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Villa Real and even Bayern Munich have ‘B’ teams, that sit in the lower leagues, and are mainly made up of their reserve and youth players. AVB has been quoted this week as saying that the EPL could do no harm in adopting this idea, and that it could be a great catalyst for developing our youth talent. 
Spain’s titans, Barca and Real Madrid, both have youth player’s in B teams in lower leagues, Barca’s youth team is somewhat of an elite force, with the hottest prospects in football plying their trade for Barca’s B team, you can’t help but think, what would happen if our youth player’s had constant playing time in the lower leagues?!
It’s no lie, moving our youth players out on loan works just as well, for example, Sturridge’s loan at Bolton has thrust him into the hottest attacking prospect in England, as well as Welbeck for United! But the loaning system doesn’t always work, Kakuta has spent loan spells at Fulham and Bolton, and it doesn’t seem to have payed off, but if he was to be playing in a league such as the Npower league 1 or Championship, we could possibly see why the lad has been branded ‘The Black Zidane’. McEachran has just taken a loan stint out at the EPL’s Barca, Swansea FC, which, if granted the playing time, would work wonder’s, but what if he was to be playing in a B team, the results would be staggering!
AVB is not the first Manager to put forward this idea, Liverpool’s ex-spanish gaffer, Rafa Benitez, also put forward the idea, with his words being echoed by Carlo Ancellotti, and now AVB, so maybe the FA should listen to these thought’s? Or maybe it would be a wasted thought, and possibly an unfair situation for Championship and lower league team’s, to be competing against the English elite’s youth produce?
It’s certainly an interesting and provocative idea, one that could produce English footballs Cream of the crop into world beaters, but also, one that could possess a massive disadvantage for lower league team’s. As always with the beautiful game, there’s often controversy and opinion with any idea brought forward.

What do you think?

By Warwick Tuatara

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