The old timers keeping it young

Chelsea’s squad has been labelled ‘ageing’ as of late, and their more senior players, such as Drogba, Lampard and Terry have come under a large amount of scrutiny, and being branded ‘past it’. However, with this criticism, it seems the old boy’s have often stepped up and shown the critics the rods!
Tuesday’s Champions league game against Valencia was a one man show no doubt, and it wasn’t a young blue who stole the show, it was our old man up front, Didier drogba, putting on a display that rolled back the years, as well as scoring two well played goals, Didi also tore valencia’s defence to shreds, making them often look like chickens amongst the wolf! Not to forget, Drogba has recently gone through bouts of Malaria, an operation on his arm, as well as that nasty clash with the Norwich keeper at the bridge! So it seems Drogba is returning to full health, ready to silence the boo boy’s and show us all why he’s one of a kind!
As for Lamps, the midfield maestro has, for the past number of years, controlled midfields the world around, scored screamers, shown a real head for the game and most of all, been consistant. Franky has come under the radar since losing his place pretty much to young spanish startlet, Oriol Romeu. But only a few months ago, Lampard also showed the critics why they need to think again about this stupid myth that 30+ means it’s over, upon scoring three against Bolton at the Reebok. Leaving behind a trail of devastation, and the question of ‘is he really over the hill’ – Lamps has shown, just like in the past, why he’s still got a few more years to give for us!
Flo Malouda is another member of the Chelsea pensioner’s list, and another player to defy the odd’s! putting in solid performances against local league rivals Liverpool, Flo has ignited the wings so far, showing great determinationa nd a good footballing mind, something an ‘over the hill grandad’ wouldn’t be able to do!
Rounding up with the final ‘has bin’s’ – Petr Cech and John Terry – Both players have been rocks so afr this season, cech pulling off some incredible saves that reflected the Cech we bought for 7 Mil from Rennes in 2004, however, with Cech only being 29, it still baffles me as to why he’s been labelled ‘past it’ – maybe it’s because he has been a shadow of his former self since the injury sustained against Reading, but when we say shadow, i’m sure we agree shadow is an overstatement. 
John Terry, our own Mr. Chelsea, has always been a blue, and always will be. As well as being the rock of our defence for multiple years, JT’s reputation has come into question due to social events,a nd as of late, events taking place on the field, however, one thing we can’t fault, is his commitment to the cause, He’s alwasy leading the team with his heart, and although he may be abit foolish in his actions, no one can say he’s past it, and most likely has a couple more years service to offer the stamford bridge defence!
All in all, Chelsea’s grandad’s seemed to have taken the criticism that has been lamented on them this season, and churned it into inspiration and basically made the critics eat their own words! Hopefully, our old boys can continue to defy the critics and show us all why age is not a factor.

By Warwick Tuatara

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