Romeu, Romeu, Where Art Thou Frank?

It has become obvious in the recent week that Frank Lampard is not happy. His face is on many a website, tabloid and TV screen as he glumly warms the bench alongside Fernando Torres. My mate described Lampard’s actions – after being substituted against Newcastle United – as “he’s going to cry,” but what would he know – he supports Liverpool.

So what is wrong with Frank? Well, it comes in the shape of youngster Oriol Romeu. Now, when we signed him, I’m pretty sure most Chelsea fans didn’t know who he was, but the words ‘from Barcelona’ made us excited about the prospect. Words ‘central midfielder’ also buzzed us up a bit, with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta and Sergio Busquets in our mind… well, Xavi and Iniesta anyway.

Andre Villas-Boas has started the Spanish starlet for the past four matches in all competitions and after a shaky start, the 20-year-old is already getting used to English football. A great display against his native Spain’s Valencia on Tuesday night was evidence of this, with BBC Radio 5live commentators praising his play.

The Spanish Under-21’s midfielder is also hopeful of keeping Lampard on the bench for as long as he can. It’s quite possible too, the number eight has had an up and down season so far, with a missed penalty against Newcastle his recent contribution in a match.

Furthermore, with the summer signing of Raul Meireles, the forever improving Ramires, the injury-prone yet workaholic Michael Essien, young prospect Josh McEachran and John Obi Mikel all to be available for the three central roles, will Lampard ever again be able to taste the run of form he had under Jose Mourinho? I don’t think so.

Aaron Aquilina

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  1. Nice article man! Few things i disagree on though, first, Romeu is playing insanely alongside Ramieres and Meireles, but lamps will get his place back soon enough, i'd like to see Romeu's inclusion on Monday, but he'll lose the place sooner or later, also, we played at the bridge on tuesday! Not spain! aha

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