Roman pull the trigger

You only have to look at the managers that Chelsea have gone through, it has become a revolving door over the last decade, as we all know there is a very fine line between success and failure at Stamford Bridge.

Avram Grant was whisker away from sealing a treble, Carlo Ancelotti went from hero to zero in just 12 months, while Luiz Felipe Scolari found out what happened when you have a bad January.

Andre Villas-Boas may not even make it until then, Bring back Guus Hindink – If AVB remains the manager of Chelsea  before meeting Valencia for a decider then we are going to go out of the Champions League for sure.

Abrahamovic should show him the door before is too late, mind you now is already to late now. Hindink is available, so go and get your man Roman.

The second defeat in nine days at Stamford Bridge is humiliating, especially losing to Liverpool. Chelsea know how to use (4-4-2) or (4-5-1) formation. I wonder why AVB keeps using the wrong formation, the (4-3-3) is very wrong formation, how can he chock his midfield with such a formation?

This year is becoming very embarrassing and we are tired of it. We the fans can’t stand it anymore we are running out of patience. Roman should please pull the trigger now. no time to experiment with a big club like Chelsea, he can’t succeed in England – sack AVB now before we are out of the race for a top four finish!



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  1. You donĀ“t know much about chelseas tactics do you? The 4-3-3 formation by far the most used tactic since 2005. It was mourinho who started using it. And you want Lampard on the left wing? Whats next? Bring Joe Cole back maybe? Geez…

  2. i think he should play the 4-2-3-1 formation with the back four as Bosingwa Terry Ivanovic and Cole then have the two holding midfielders as Luiz and Ramires/Mireles then have Mata on the right wing and buy a decent right footed left winger and have those two cut in and have torres as the striker with Lampard behind him as the attaking midfielder.

  3. Dont think you know what your talking about mate, we have been hiring and firing pretty much every season and it doesn't help. They obvio scouted AVB months before they hired him and decided he was man for the Job for the long haul. He has only been here 5 months and the most important part is he has a team with quite a few has Beans that can't perform what he requires, Roman wants the Barca style but hasn't the players. Too many old boys still there because of there name. As annoying as it is this season will prob be a right off as he needs to have a clear out and bring his style of players in, Drogba Anelka, Kalou etc should have gone this last summer but he can't just walk through the door and ship them all out, has too look at them first and see if they fit in and this is the prob now, they don't. If the old boys are still around by start of next season then I agree that he isn't the write man for job. Will defo be some in and outs in Jan and then I think it will make a difference.

  4. I'd pull the triger on you if I had a gun, I'd be more than happy to sacrifice to build a future with a consitant winning team. Just look at SAF in the first 3 years he was sniffing around the relegation zone and look where he is. I'd like something similar to happen to Chelsea.

  5. Absolute nonsense! What we need is stability and stop having a manager every year. The current downfall is player's fault, and they are the ones that need to be sacked (Drog,Malouda,Kalou,Mikel,Alex,Lamp on the bench). I do have my own reservations about some of the decisions that AVB make, but he is the manager, and he spends all his time with the club and the players, not us. I love this club, but I am backing and will back AVB, if we lose this man, it will be the single worst moment of Chelsea since RA bought the club.

  6. am consider this formation for it will pay us better than before ,not that am support of sacking AVB but this the best formation now not that lampard is playing on left hand side but if u take a look of Mata goal in this season ,all come from the middle of goal line post ,it will give more support to go forward to more deadly pass for Torres and striuage while lampard will for in his position an A.Cole moved forward and will also play a role of attacking midfielder

  7. Kir, when he was at the club it was four years ago and was basically Jose errand boy. So they Obvio had to ” Scout ” him since then as his job and what they new about him has completely changed since then. Wouldn't pay the money the did for him on just what they new back then.

  8. I think this guy probably supports chelsea for the 'name tag' – knows nothing about football, nothing about tactics, and nothing about our beloved club! Seems he's too busy trying to act like a football fan, also a chelsea fan and also a journo. All three he has seemed to crash and burn on.

    bad info, bad tactics, and a seriously bad article.

    wise up pal….

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