Lamps does it again

Back in October, Matt Cotton wrote about Frank Lampard’s excellent attitude. Last night against Manchester City he once again showed what a true profession he is.

Cotton’s thoughts …

It’s amazing what a difference a week makes in football.

It’s amazing what a difference a week makes in football.After his antics last week in Germany, Carlos Tevez has not exactly warmed the hearts of football fans across the globe.

Tevez allegedly refused to warm up when called upon by boss Roberto Mancini in Manchester City’s 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich and has since been suspended by the club whilst they investigate the entire fiasco.

The Argentine helped captain the side to third in the Premier League last season to set up City’s first campaign in the Champions League. And given how big this is for the club and its’ supporters, Tevez’s actions have been disgusting.

The striker himself has also ruled out any chance of an apology to Mancini after Edin Dzeko said on Thursday that he was sorry for his reaction when being replaced in Munich.

Tevez, not playing for his club, is not receiving any plaudits for his actions on the subs bench which is entirely the opposite of what Frank Lampard has gone through.

After a stint on the bench for club and country, the England international answered his critics by scoring his side’s goal in the 1-1 draw with Valencia in the week and then followed this up with an outstanding hat-trick for Chelsea in the 5-1 win at the Reebok yesterday – starting both matches.

There was no hiding for the 33-year old when he was dropped by Fabio Capello and Andre Villas-Boas, publicly receiving some harsh criticism and some tipping Lampard’s career to be at the beginning of the end.

But unlike Tevez, Lampard didn’t refuse to play, didn’t ask to leave and didn’t throw his toys out the pram and proved why he is such a model professional for the aspiring youth footballers of the country.

“I wouldn’t say I’m happy when not playing because I want to earn my money but you have to have respect for the manager, the players and the squad. I’ll always keep working hard to play for this club.”

So in a week, Carlos Tevez has gone from hero to zero and unless there is a monumental turnaround I’d be very surprised to still see him at the Etihad Stadium come the end of the January transfer window. 

Lampard has done the opposite and in doing so has won the respect on many fans up and down the country – like him or loathe him.

Good things happen to good people and whilst Lampard is all smiles, Tevez needs to turn his frown upside down before it’s too late.

Matt Cotton 

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