Inconsistency, our bane

Just when we thought we had turned the corner, just when we thought we had rediscovered the touch, then came the annoying draw, against whom? Wigan! And more stupefying is that, Cech, of all goalies, spilled it at the death of the game. And that absurd could prove to be a major set-back in the season for us. I really hope not.

Right from the start of the season, we have been able to manage just a three-match winning streak, thrice! That is not the hallmark of a champion. Or would-be champion. The same problem harmed our bid to clinch the title last season. And, here we are again, plagued by the same scourge, threatening to render the chase for the title useless.

I still find it illogically interesting that we could beat Newcastle and Man City and could not defeat bottom placed Wigan. They should not have posed a hard nut for us, we could and should have sealed the game right before they had any chance of equalizing. I can’t help but wonder if Chelsea were being a little over-confident about the game.

It would be dead wrong of Chelsea to be. There are still a lot of games ahead and also lots of grounds to cover. We are still playing the catch-up game therefore, we would need to win matches on a trot and hope City and Man.Utd drop points.

It is also important that the players don’t get carried-away by the hype of the moment. Maybe if Cech had set his mind right, maybe he would not have made such gaffe. It is duty-bound of the team to remain focused and committed to the game until the very end. We must get back to winning ways soon to sustain the high and that begins at White Hart Lane.

Aramide Salako

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