Eight things Chelsea must learn

AVB boys are becoming too wasteful – Chelsea wasted so many goal scoring chances against Newcastle, yes we scored three but this could have cost us dearly.

So EIGHT things the MUST learn … and quickly

1. Sturridge needs to work on his scoring ability, he is on-form, but he really needs to work on that seriously. he wasted so many brilliant chances.

2. When Chelsea have a one-on-one with the goal keeper, they should learn to lift the ball up and over the keeper. This is how MESSI does it for Barcelona.

3. They should study and emulate that skill from MESSI.

4. Chelsea don’t make use of their wingers, that is the reason why our strikers are not getting more chances. The strikers need lots of balls played in from both wings for them to hit the target.

5. Chelsea must get physical, it is compulsory – they should work more on their fitness enabling them to get stronger and physical.

6. They should always try to convert any opportunity.

7. Chelsea should shoot more from outside the box, if they get in front of their opponent’s 18-yard.box. then SHOOT – This is something we really lack this season.

8. Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Daniel Sturridge should learn to release the ball earlier, they hold on to it for too long .






2 thoughts on “Eight things Chelsea must learn”

  1. still, sturridge missed tooo many chances;
    one on one with the goal keeper – yes chelsea strikers need to work on that,
    maybe psychological training to keep cool, and iterate through the possibilities very quickly, is it up (lob), left, right!! hagi used to lob the ball a lot in one on one and score!
    there is nothing i hate more when a one on one occurs and the striker shoots in the goalkeeper !!
    awful & stupid!
    ** one on one should give similar chances to score as a penalty kick; sturridge would not have failed 4 penalty kicks in one game!
    it must be in the brain, and how the guy said in the article, you have a finite number of things to do,
    make sure you have them in your mind and choose the most appropriate;

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