Anelka’s ordered a Chinese!

So today the news sprang that Niko Anelka has agreed terms with Chinese outfit, Shanghai Shenhua, and the final details of a two year deal are being thrashed out as we speak. So what do we think? Good riddance? or fond fair well to a good player?
Having spent four years at the Bridge so far, Niko started his Chelsea career with mixed emotions, upon joining from north west outfit, Bolton Wanderers, Anelka’s first season saw him miss the pivotal penalty in Chelsea’s historic defeat in Moscow. But with the seasons to come, we would see Niko open up defences, score crucial goals, and most of all, seemed to be happy!
An infamously grumpy player, who has spent most of his career travelling the globe, plying his trade for the French, the Spanish, the turk’s and the English club’s, it seemed Anelka was ready to settle down in West London and finish his career here.
But earlier this month, Anelka and Alex handed in transfer requests, in which both were approved by AVB, pathing the way for a new striker and Centre Back. And it seems Anelka is the first to find a new home, in the Asian continent of the world.
Come January, Anelka will fly off to Asia, leaving a great club behind, and entering the Chinese league, boosting the countries footballing status up, but will it be his bag of rice? or will he find he ordered the wrong dish, and would prefer fish and chips instead of Chinese take out?
Whatever happens, Good luck Niko, and i’ll have the sweet and sour please mate!

By Warwick Tuatara

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