We have had enough of Mikel’s nonchalance

We are both Nigerians – He is a Chelsea player, whilst I am a Chelsea fan and having studied John Obi Mikel for six years, I have suddenly realized he would never fit into the Chelsea team mainly because he doesn’t really want to.

Since he started his career for Chelsea, Mikel, over the years, has been a player that has refused to up his game for the Club and that languid style of his is hurting the Club – and badly.

Mourinho brought in Mikel from RC Lens in 2006 after a tug-of-war with Man.Utd for his signature. Mikel had won the Silver Prize as the Most Valuable Player, coming a close second to Leonel Messi, in the World Youth Championship. Mikel deserved that award. A string of fine performances from the then offensive midfielder justified the honour and the scramble for him. Nobody, not even Mourinho, doubted the talent of the young lad. He was a star for the ‘future’ – Or so we thought.

Six years after, the once golden midfielder, has somehow, turned into a real pain, for everyone (including the National team). Six years after, the once dazzling gem has been able to score just three goals for himself.

In much of his games for Chelsea, he was either found to have made some horrendous mistake or been part of it. The manner in which he plays can best be described by his spineless approach to games added with inconsistent performance. His attitude and commitment to games is so appalling that he is now a hate-figure in the country – and more annoying is the fact that he does not show any sign of wanting improvement.

We cannot but appreciate the effort and commitment Michael Essien gives whenever he is on the pitch. Such is the passion and spirit the bison puts into his game that he, seemingly, does not worry about sustaining injuries. Yaya Toure, Dickson Etuhu and Chieck Tiote are some other African patriots that expend just about the same level of dedication as Essien. But, unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Mikel – He’s the complete opposite.

I believe if he stays at Chelsea for another six years, it would still be the same old, lazy Mikel. It is the right time for him to start watching the game from the bench, learning the game.

We have had enough of Mikel’s insolence!

By Aramide Salako

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  1. i support this article 100%…mikel has refused to develop, so uncommited and always plays as if his side is 10-0 up at every moment of the game. I personally think he cant get better than he is now and should be shipped off latest summer 2012

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