Time running out for AVB to get it right

If our new Manager doesn’t buck his idea’s up and pretty damn quick I can see us looking for a new Manager come the end of this season.
I know this is not a populist view and like every other Chelsea fan I absolutely yearn for my team to have a settled (and successful) Management structure, but I truly believe that AVB’s honeymoon is fast coming to an end. 
I first had my own personal doubts back in the summer when we let the likes of Sanchez, Aguero and Parker all slip through our fingers without really competing for these players. 
The story was that our new Manager wanted to have a look at the squad on tour? He already knew most of the players from his first time round at the club and would have had endless reports and video footage on every individual player at the club. 
Can anyone really tell me that you need to get to know Kalou before realizing that Aguero is 100 times better?
By Alan Franks


2 thoughts on “Time running out for AVB to get it right”

  1. Well first of all mate, you are over reacting. I feel the same way but, I don't mind if we don't win title this season and come back stronger the following season, we're in a transisioning period players are just getting use to the new style. The only reason Arsenal beat us is because tey have been playing in that style for over 5 years togethet give CFC two years and they will master it as good as Barcelona. To do that we need players who are quick, strong, technically gifted this has to apply from defence to attack. Here is mu suggestion.

    CHANGE OF FORMATION: 4-2-3-1/4-4-2

    I think changing the formation to 4-2-3-1 one will solve defensive problems. Also use Alex and Terry at CB. Sign a new RB. Ivanovic at right back, Luiz as a defensive midfielder or something. Get Kalas and Courtois back from loan at the end of the season. Loan Lukaku, McEachran, and Bertrand to Stoke, Swansea, and Bolton respectively.

    So come next season I hope to see this line up:


    Players that should be looked at:
    Hazard, De Bruyne, Pato, Inkoom/VDW, Eriksen, Goêtze. One last think I honestly don't mind tranding Ramires for Pato.

    Players that should be gone
    Ferreira, Anelka,Drogba,Hilario, Kalou, and Mikel.

    Playetrs that should be promoted next season:

  2. I agree with McBizzy to a certain degree, Obviously, as Chelsea fan's, we all want the very best trophies, but i for one, am willing to let the major torphies slip for this season, maybe pick up the carling and F.A Cup's, for the transitional period of cementing the more attacking football AVB wnats to achieve.

    One thing about this attacking football that we've seen so far, is that, although it's seemed to weaken one of last season's strongest defences in the league, possibly the world, this attacking style we've adopted, has become sensational to watch, and has got my pulse racing…seeing Cole or bosingwa pile on through, whilst Mata just picks strikers and fellow midfielders off at random, slicing through opponents. Just tantalising!

    I'd love AVB to include some younsgters more, especially Bertrand, McEachran and Lukaku, but get rid of some players such as kalou and P.F. Because i feel they're just there for the wages now…

    One player i have to disagree with getting rid of would be Mikel…A year ago, i'd agree, as i thought he was too rash, too naive and too hasty, causing him to eb sent off and make stupid mistakes. but as of late, he's becoming the player the top clubs were fighting for.

    Lets hope AVB is given time, and lets hope the chelsea dominance we saw when Mourinho took over, returns.

    Viva la Chelsea!!

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