Time for reflection

I wouldn’t credit Chelsea for the victory over Wolves last Saturday, because they haven’t won any competitive matches in the EPL.

Secondly, I noticed Chelsea are not as physical as they once were – they lack stamina as well as physical and mental strength. They are very weak on the pitch; it takes a lot of stamina to run a marathon. AVB really need to work on that aspect. Chelsea can’t play a team like Man City without having those qualities.

Come next transfer window, Chelsea’s management should do everything  possible to land the likes of:


  • Jesus Navas or Hazard Eden
  • Edison Cavani (Napoli)
  • Luka  Modric (Tottenham)
  • Perreira (Porto)
  • Tiote (Newcastle)


Drogba, Malouda, Kalou and Bosingwa are all players who should leave Chelsea in the next transfer window, with Raul Meireles and Lukaku being sent out on loan to make way for new players.

This is my own advice as a patriotic Chelsea fan.



2 thoughts on “Time for reflection”

  1. Meireles?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! Meireles has been one of the best players so far this season! i agree we need abit more pace but as far as stamina goes, thats an aspect of fitness, which im sure the team works on every trainign session, only thing we need to add and work on is some out and out wingers and a defender. job done!

  2. I agree with first post. Meireles has been freaking fantastic, no way do we let him go anywhere. Lukaku and Josh M I agree could use some time playing every game at a Swansea or Stoke.

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