John Terry: Captain of the blackest team in England – An African voice

It’s a joke to say that JT is a racist or that his remark was meant to be racist – He has played alongside black players for years, and has even led them through thick and thin without any complaint from the African players.

Drogba, Mikel, and Cole are not players who would be able to stomach such abuse. If Terry was a racist we would have known before now, there is no doubt that he would have lost the captaincy a long time ago. There were matches when over half the players on the pitch are black. 

Look at this line up:



Bosingwa (black)      Terry©     Alex (black)     Cole (black)



            Mikel (black)

               Essien (black)     Ramires


         Anelka (black)                                           Kalou (black)

                  Drogba (black)

How can “Captain Black’ be called a racist? Even if he had said something to Anton does it mean it has to be racist? We can call each other names about our skin colour, but we do not point fingers at each other saying, “you’re a racist”. Just imagine Drogba calling Anton black sh*. 

As an African Chelsea fan I can tell you that one reason why there are so many Chelsea fans in Africa is because Chelsea does not discriminate against black players. Chelsea is the one reason why so many Africans watch the EPL – We call it solidarity.

Even with the African Nations Cup in the middle of the season Chelsea have continued to buy African. Chelsea loves Africa and Africans have reciprocated by adopting Chelsea as their club. Blacks have made tremendous impact in the EPL and the club specifically – Even our director of sports Michael Emenalo is a Nigerian.

My point is if Terry is a racist it is not the Ferdinand’s that will know. His bosses, teammates and fans would have known. A racist remark? I think the FA should just drop this issue because it is spinning into something else.

This season alone (just 11 weeks) we have had about three racist incidents. Are we tired of the game; please let’s focus on our beloved football, the best in the world. Back-to-back victories against Liverpool should be our concern. 

Love you all.

Stan Blue

2 thoughts on “John Terry: Captain of the blackest team in England – An African voice”

  1. Are you completely clueless… Look arenas happened to Ron Atkinson, he helped bring in more black players into the game when there were only a few however he is incredibly racist. John Terry plays for Chelsea because he gets paid shed loads and loves playing football. He does not play because players are black or white. He clearly is a racist as it shows on the clips!

  2. As a fellow African Black Man, I quite support your write-up. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. Player to player, in the course of the match when everything is all heated up, you are complaining about something you claimed you did not hear yourself on the pitch. If anything I think Terry should take action against Ferdinand for defamation. Ferdinand himself said he did not hear what was said. Its beginning to look to me like Ferdinand may have a complex problem. How does what another person say determine who you are, does the FA really want to take stock of all abusive words and exchanges that go on in the course of a match, then the matches will be X rated. What will happen the day a black player accuses a referee of racism because of the way he officiated a match or because he gave him a red card?

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