Greedy Didi

News has sprang of Drogba’s refusal to sign a one year extension for the Blues, with his agent, Thierno Seydi, stating that the Ivorian powerhouse will move ‘where ever offers the most money’. Having snubbed an extension with the Blue’s and also a loan move to AC Milan, it seems Drogba is bound for a big money move, but to where?
Linked with Russia, United States and Asian clubs alike, it’s almost a certainty Drogba’s future lies with money rather than the prospects of success, in which his agent has again jumped to ‘defend’ – stating, ‘At Didier’s age, he has nothing left to prove as a player. He will go where he is offered the most money. It could be the United States, Russia, Qatar or somewhere else in Asia. Once you are well into your 30s you have to go to a club where you can be certain you’ll be able to pay your bills’.
In my opinion, Drogba has always been a great servant for the West London club, and although we can all take the moral high ground, and state ‘it’s not about money’, if put in the same situation, and offered an increase on wages, as well as the chance to live in another county, such as the US, temptation would greet us all!
If and when the Drog is due to move on, i’m sure he will give his all until the final whistle of his final game.
Will you miss him? and who would be a suitable replacement?
Let us know your thoughts!

By Warwick Tuatara

4 thoughts on “Greedy Didi”

  1. Is that a joke that Didi will give his all until the final whistle? I love the man, but we all know he can pull himself out of a game pretty quickly if he's not feeling it. Sell him in January…

  2. No pun intedned JJ, i personally feel he'll give it all to go out with a bang! I do agree, i'd rather see him go in jan for money than summer for free, BUT, if we cant find a suitable replacement, cause lets face it, Kalou just isn't, we may be left with a gap. That in mind, if Drog goes, it opens a void for Anelka, Torres and Sturridge to become the enw strike force, which could be lethal given it right!

  3. The comments his agent have made are sad and frustrating, surely he has made plenty of money and would like to end his career on a high rather than chasing the $$$.

  4. You'd think so ey Scott?! But it's just human nature to wnat more than we have. I personally would want trophies over money, cause if you're at a club that can compete on all fronts, you're bound to be on some serious money!

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